Getting Started

Simply give us a call at 650-592-3997 or send an email with your phone number and what you’re interested in. We will set up a free temperament screening for you and your dog to come and meet us. After our meeting, if you decide to move forward, we can start services at any time; your dog may even stay immediately afterwards. During this meeting we will:

  • get to know your dog and understand his/her needs
  • discuss what you are looking for
  • give you a tour of our facility
  • answer any questions you may have
  • introduce your dog to a few others
  • have you fill out a simple form

Temperament Screening Details

  • plan for approximately 45 minutes
  • bring vaccination information when you come (rabies, bordetella, CIV(canine influenza) and HDLPP)
  • We do temperament screenings Monday-Friday. Call/Email us to see what times we have available

Please keep in mind that in order to join our boarding club, your dog must have attended two days of daycare or hiking prior to his/her first overnight stay and maintain a one time per month attendance. See our detailed Requirements here.

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