"He absolutely loves coming and I can see how much you all appreciate him for being himself. Everyone is so nice to answer all my questions as I train myself to be a good dog mom."
Murphy and Christy

"After a year in LA, I just want to tell you how much we miss Smilin Dogs. Seriously, I have to say Bosco went through depression losing Smilin Dogs. Thank you for 5 years of great hiking. "
Bosco and Jane

"Your employees and business in general is a pleasure to work with. Everyone has been so accommodating with my crazy schedule, fitting Lucy into the roster whenever I asked and always greeting us with smiles and positive attitude."
Lucy and Kelly

"I want to tell you that without Smilin Dogs, Starlight would be a totally different dog. I believe that since she spent so much time with the other dogs, she learned how to behave. She got her share of running and exploring with you during the day, so when I spend time with her I could always enjoy her."
Melinda and Starlight

"Katie adores you - her life is so much more complete having you as a part of it. Smilin Dogs has become our Katie's home away from home. Katie squeals with delight when I pull in to the driveway to drop her off."
Tom and Jennifer

"After her very first encounter with Smilin Dogs, she was heartbroken to leave the big white van and her smiling friends behind. She was happy to see me but as we started to drive away, Scouty started to howl and whimper as though her best friend just died."
Scout and Jane

"Thank you for taking such good care of Bean! She loves spending Tuesdays with you and her friends."
Bean, Jake and Rona

"This guy is great! Highly recommended (esp. if your dog is fit)"
Annonymous addition to a Smilin Dogs flyer

"... I see him park himself near the front door on Mondays, in anticipation of his Smilin Dogs outing. He comes home tired, an all-too-rare event in my exuberant Vizsla's life."
Jonathan, Casey’s dad

"We can't thank you enough for makng a tape of Buddy. It's great to see him having so much fun with new friends! We're so glad that we found you."
Brian, Wenda and Buddy